My name is Lorne Wasylishen, in 2006 I retired after 36 years as a Canadian National Railways Locomotive Engineer, I loved that job, don’t miss it but look back on it fondly.

In 2010 I found a busted up Grand Trunk Pacific pocket watch on eBay and became hooked on collecting pocket watches, it was a way to satisfy my collecting instincts and maintain a railway connection.

I thought it an ideal hobby as watches wouldn’t take up much space but  now my entire guest room is taken up by them plus associated periphera and ephemera. (I removed the bed which gave me a lot more space and discourages house guests 🙂 ).

My watch collection is larger than it should be so I have become more selective and my focus has shifted to cases, especially, being myself Canadian, the A.W.C.Co.

As stated at the beginning of the first page I noticed the 07/08 markings and set out to see why they were used. 

This began as a much smaller project than it turned out to be. After discovering that in 1908, time guarantees became illegal,  my intention was to collect enough 07/ 08 case and movement numbers to illustrate those cases were made during those years. 

Well. things got out of hand and I began collecting numbers of all 16 and 18 size cases made by this company. They will all be put on here “in the fullness of time.” and I think provide a pretty good baseline for determining, if not originality, at least  correctness.

In some categories the numbers paint a pretty clear picture but some are quite ambiguous. I hope as I collect and add more numbers clearer patterns will emerge.

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Just a note about the  Grand Trunk Pacific Railway It ran from Winnipeg to Prince Rupert through Smithers B.C. where I worked and now live. After WWI it went bankrupt and became part of what is now CN which is comprised of other bankrupt lines and morphed into existence 1918-1923. The official centennial date of CN, I just found out will be  June 6, 2019.

While not my first watch mentioned above this is exactly the same. Not railway grade, Swiss made.